Single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.

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do you ever wonder if u have a reputation like people u dont even know could have opinions about u 

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I haven’t posted a selfie in a while but I still am very cute just to keep you updated

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u know yr fucked when someone is so fine u can’t even look at them directly u gotta glance at them out of the corner of your eye like yr lookin at the sun

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Not even half of my trip has passed and I’m already planning my next trip back to South Korea.

I knew I’d get addicted.


(15) Tumblr em We Heart It.

Come and get it

are the only
person you
need to be
good enough
- 5:43 p.m. (You’re already good enough for everyone else)

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to anyone who said amber’s teaser is boring and she’s not pretty:


there you go!please do wipe your drool after!

SM is not fucking around this time
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